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Privacy Policy 

Our Responsibilities

  • Maintain the privacy and security of your protected health information in accordance with HIPAA and professional counseling ethics guidelines

  • Notify you promptly if a breach occurs such that your information may have been compromised

  • Follow the duties and practices of this policy and provide you a copy

  • Not share your information without your written consent-except for circumstances outlined in the Use and Disclosure section

  • Your information will not be shared nor sold for marketing purposes (If cookies declined)

  • Disclosure of substance use disorders have special protections under PA, NJ and CT laws

Your Rights

  • Request a copy or summary of your health records-for a reasonable fee (completed w/in 30 days)

  • Request corrections to health info deemed erroneous

  • Request contact preferences

  • Request limitations on what information is shared-except as outlined below

  • Receive a copy of this notice

  • Request a list of persons or entities with whom your information has been shared

  • Choose someone to act on your behalf 

  • File a complaint if you believe your privacy has not been adequately protected

Uses and Disclosures

  • "Minimum necessary" rule applies-only the minimum amount of info is shared that is required to accomplish the task (i.e. if you need a superbill, then insurance companies require more detailed information including diagnosis; but credit card processing does not)

  • To anyone for whom you provide written consent

  • Billing-payment requires use of information such as name, contact info and payment method

  • Direct contact with you as needed regarding services

  • In the management of the business (e-mail, phone, mail, etc.), a business associate agreement (BAA) is obtained when necessary wherein these parties agree to comply with HIPAA

  • Reporting abuse of vulnerable parties-children, elderly, and persons with disabilities

  • Reporting plans to kill self or others to appropriate authorities 

  • To comply with the law, if requested for compliance by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

  • Respond to law suits or legal actions

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